Saturday, June 21, 2008

Woodworking Conference

I am very excited about the upcoming Woodworking In America Conference.  It will be held here in Kentucky in the small town of Berea.  If you have never heard of Berea you should get acquainted.  To me it is the Mecca of hand crafted works.  There are not many towns where you can just walk down the street and go from one woodworker's shop to another.  Its truly an artisan's paradise. 

In shop news, I have a workbench on the drawing board.  I'm not 100% committed to a design as of yet.  I am expecting it to be Roubo type bench but the particulars haven't been worked out.  The original Roubo bench didn't have any type of tail vise.  I'm sure mine will have one, just not sure what kind.  Twin screw, L vise, and the wagon vise are just a few options.  I am planning on a lot of drawboring so I have ordered a dowel plate from Lie-Nielsen.  When I get started I will try and take pics and document the process.  This shouldn't be that hard of a project but i'm a little unsure about the top though.  The logistics of it may be kinda rough especially since I'm planning on a top that will be 8'x2'x3" white oak.

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