Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Goodell-Pratt eggbeater back in service

My latest tool purchase was this 1922 Goodell-Pratt 2 speed eggbeater that has been beautifully restored by Wiktor Kuc of WKtools. It just doesn't get much better than this. A tool this old shouldn't look this good. Wiktor doesn't an masterful job restoring these tools to an almost better than new state.
Upon receiving the tool I found that the drill didn't engage in slow speed. I was so disappointed. The tool looked wonderful, but had some type of issue in the gear switching mechanism. After checking a few things for Wiktor he decided the best thing I could do is send it back to him to figure out what the problem was. I sent it away and got it back a week later and everything was working as intended.
Buying a tool like this leaves you feeling great but you also feel a responsibility not to let the tool get damaged. I don't buy tools for show and tell I buy them to use. Time will only tell how this goes.

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Ross Henton said...

Nice blog - lots of good hand tool glory here. I'll be adding this to my blogrool!